New Cases for iPad 6th Gen


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The newest iPad from Apple is the 6th generation, or “6th Gen”. This revamped version of the globally popular iPad brings a faster processor and faster graphics processing to the classroom, to keep pace with the speed of education.

It comes with an improved retina display, improved multi-touch display, and many more great features that will amaze and delight K-12 around the world. While the price is affordable, it is still a sizeable investment for school districts. To ensure your new 6th generation iPads remain intact and functional, be sure to protect them with a rugged case from Brenthaven. This will improve your long-term total cost of ownership for each device by lowering breakage rates, improving device downtime from repairs, and giving tech directors some hours back in their week that they would normally spend dealing with broken devices. Test drive a sample today!

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